University Touch Screen Kiosks

University/College Touch Screen Kiosks

It's the first day of term and there are bewildered freshers everywhere wondering how to get to class, where to buy their books, and most importantly, which is the best local pub?

Fortunately, the university is well-supplied with Askme Digital University Kiosks, strategically placed around campus in important spots such as the Student Union, Registry, the Sports Complex, and the reception areas of the main buildings.

Each kiosk is multi-tasking. To the passer-by, it's advertising local pubs and restaurants on the screensaver (helping the university to recoup its investment and generate revenue), in between displaying university notices (deployed to every kiosk or set by location, and easy for admin staff to update).

When a student touches the screen, instantly help is available. The Wayfinder can direct them from their position to anywhere on campus. Other menu options offer advice on where to buy books or equipment, access to the internal telephone directory, or the option to make appointments with Registry, or the Student Advisory or Health service. All the information on the university's website is replicated, and there's always an option to send info straight to smartphone.

For special occasions, your kiosks can be temporarily redeployed to new tasks. Speed up registration with a kiosk bar code reader, which can read the codes on admissions letters, and connects directly to your student database. Offer kiosks as a facility at conferences, to use for registration, welcome messages and information.

Askme Digital have the experience and expertise to connect the whole campus, offering valuable student benefits and generating revenue.

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