Touch Screen Software

When purchasing a new kiosk, you are going to want to put it to use in the shortest possible time. That is why we have developed our suite of kiosk management software that allows you to have your kiosk up and running straight away.

The Askme Digital software suite is a complete kiosk management system allowing you to create, edit and deploy content to your kiosk network from any internet enabled PC. Written in-house by our Microsoft Certified team, it includes content management and screen saver modules to allow you to build interactive displays with ease.

Written using Microsoft .NET technology and SQL server, the system is robust, reliable and through our continual development and lifetime upgrades, future proof too.

The Askme Digital software suite is full of features allowing you to have your kiosk up and running in minimum time. You can create touch friendly information portals in minutes, deploy on-screen keyboards when user input is needed, well tickets using secure chip and pin payments and design screensavers to attract users to your kiosk without the need for any additional software. The kiosks store updated content locally allowing them to be used in any situation from trade shows to hotel foyers.

No matter your requirement, we can provide a cost effective kiosk solution that provides a rapid return on investment.