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Interactive Touch Screen Kiosks

top quality, top performance, unbeatable value

No one can resist pressing a few buttons as they pass an Askme Digital touch screen kiosk. Whether you want to display tourist information, sell tickets, register patients, carry out surveys, or display your product catalogue, an Askme Digital kiosk will attract your target viewers.

For a stand-out display combined with a minimum footprint, choose our Slimline Kiosk. With its large 22" touch screen, powder-coated front, (complete with a professionally designed vinyl displaying your logo), and chrome trims, the Slimline instantly attracts visitors.

Askme Digital kiosks fit in anywhere, from concert halls to hospitals, and they are accessible to everyone, whatever their language or accessibility requirements.

Our UK-built touch screen kiosks come complete with our kiosk software which enables you to create, maintain and develop your kiosk site into a comprehensive source of digital information, and our Microsoft Certified team can develop any bespoke software required to turn your project into reality.

Internally the Askme Digital Slimline Touch Screen Kiosk is just as impressive. Built in the UK , with branded electronic components, the Slimline is reliable and robust. It can be updated remotely so you can develop and monitor all your kiosks without even leaving your office.

Should you need kiosk accessories, the Slimline can be easily customised. Our standard range of accessories includes printers, barcode readers, wireless networking and chip and pin units. We can of course source and integrate other components as required.

Invest in a future proof solution - choose an Askme Digital touch screen kiosk.

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