NHS Touch Screen Kiosks

NHS Touch Screen Kiosk

Ideal for Patient Check-in, Information and Wayfinding

Touch screen kiosks are already proving useful in many NHS settings and their versatility means that every kiosk can help with many tasks.

The most common use of touch screen kiosks in the NHS is in clinics and GP waiting rooms as an appointment check-in kiosk. Patients simply touch the screen and reply to a series of simple questions to confirm their attendance, or even more simply, scan a barcode on their appointment letters. The appointment kiosk eases pressure on reception desks and allows staff to be redeployed to more important duties.

The appointment kiosk can do so much more than this. Imagine a kiosk in a diabetic clinic that asks patients a standard set of questions about their last glucose level, current weight, diet, exercise habits etc. This information is then fed directly to the patient's records for easy access by the clinician, who can save precious time by gaining a current overview before the patient even sits down.

The same principle could be used in many settings, particularly for example in genito-urinary clinics, where patients might be embarrassed to answer questions and more inclined to respond honestly and promptly to a computer.

Appointment kiosks could also be used to gather vital survey information on, for example, smoking, diet, drug usage etc. Such information could be pooled and anonymised by the kiosk, protecting the patient's confidentiality.

Patients and visitors alike can find hospitals large, intimidating and impersonal, with busy staff who can't always stop and give advice. Kiosks make ideal wayfinders, explaining how to reach wards, clinics or facilities as well as providing up-to-date information on everything from visiting hours to health advice, dietary advice and phone numbers for confidential counselling and support.

Every NHS project is different. At Askme Digital we have the software and hardware expertise to ensure that your touch screen kiosk project provides benefits to patients and staff from the day of installation.

Our wide range includes free-standing, wallmounted, and slimline models, portable and fixed, to suit any setting, and our software experts can develop software to fit your exact requirements and integrate with your existing systems.

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