Touch Screen Museum Kiosks

Touch Screen Museum Kiosks

Bring Your Exhibits to Life

The interactive touchscreen kiosk is an indispensable addition to any museum looking to engage visitors and increase footfall.

For instance, why not create virtual exhibits of items which are loaned out or are too fragile for constant display. With a virtual exhibit, visitors can examine an artefact from every angle, zoom in and out, peer inside, even touch different areas for more information. Similarly, a 3D virtual tour is a fantastic way to guide your visitors round famous cities or landmarks related to your subject - imagine enhancing your Egyptian display with a tour of the pyramids, or the story of a local battle with a tour of the battlefield. Virtual exhibits are even useful for items that are on display - allowing visitors to virtually handle, rotate and investigate objects that they cannot actually touch.

Every museum needs to cater for its younger visitors. We can create themed puzzles, games, onscreen colouring pictures - all based on your topics. Children could learn through assembling dinosaur bones, building bridges, re-enact battles...whatever you need to tie into your exhibits, we can create.

Of course the most obvious use of a touchscreen kiosk is to provide information. Visitors can view an onscreen version of the exhibit, and touch different items for more information - text, audio, video or interactive.

But it's not only about attracting visitors and enhancing their experience. A touchscreen kiosk can make a positive financial impact too. For instance, as well as a physical shop, you could place a touchscreen in your art gallery, allowing visitors to look at the originals and purchase prints instantly. Or offer museum souvenirs onscreen around the venue. Visitors could also be offered the chance to become friends of the museum, buy season tickets, or individual tickets for upcoming events.

Even when the touchscreen is not being used, it can still be put to work for you. Use the touchscreen to advertise the café, shop, other attractions, coming events, with an option for passing visitors to touch the screen for more details and/or tickets.

Key features

Choose from an unlimited variety of screen sizes, designs and configurations. We offer a wide range of standard models which can be branded to suit any venue, but also design bespoke kiosks - for instance, to integrate with your existing exhibit cases.

Askme Digital offer a complete solution, from hardware and software to installation and support. All software is written in-house and we build our own kiosks, using only branded components.

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