Estate Agent Touch Screen Kiosks

Estate Agent Touch Screen Kiosks

As your potential buyers enter the shop, let the Estate Agent Kiosk catch their eye. By touching the screen they can browse your entire catalogue, access schedules and get a real feel for each property with 3D virtual tours. Any schedule can be uploaded to a smartphone for later consideration.

The Askme Digital Estate Agent Kiosk is available in a variety of screen sizes and configurations to suit any environment. If space is limited, you can opt for a wall-mounted or slimline kiosk. Or, if you have space for a comfortable reception area, use a Touch Table in place of a coffee table, allowing for comfortable browsing and relaxed discussions.

Our software experts will use you existing artwork, logos and web design to create a touch app with a look and feel that fits your company image. To complete the look, kiosk chassis can be supplied in a variety of colours and finishes to match your decor, and the finishing touch is provided by a vinyl, magnetic or cut-out decal featuring your logo and strapline.

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