Touch Screen Conference Kiosks

Touch Screen Conference Kiosk

Every conference organiser wants their big event to run smoothly and successfully. Providing delegates with all the information they need goes a long way towards making that happen.

Positioned at the entrance to the venue, the Askme Digital touchscreen kiosk's screensaver welcomes delegates to the event and displays the itinerary. By touching the screen, delegates can access the programme, local information and hotel details and directions, and have an option to upload all this to their smartphone, saving you time, paper and printing costs and enabling you to reduce your carbon footprint.

During the conference, your kiosk can be put to new uses. For example, provide a video kiosk so that delegates can create a video record of ideas and suggestions from breakout sessions; position information kiosks so that they can access further information on speeches, sponsors or products.

Finally, gauge the success of your event using a video kiosk to capture feedback, and add an onscreen survey to capture and analyse more structured, detailed information. The Askme Digital touch screen conference kiosk automatically collates and stores your survey data, saving you the tedious task of collating hundreds of papers and allowing you to get straight to the more interesting task of analysing the responses.

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