Touch Screen Car Showroom Kiosks

Touch Screen Car Showroom Kiosk

Customers are more likely to buy when they can clearly visualise their purchases. So in your car showroom, you display the widest possible range of colours, models, styles and options.

But to show every option on every car is impossible. And until someone invents colour-changing paint, you're stuck with little squares in expensive, disposable glossy brochures.

Here's where the Askme Digital Car Showroom Kiosk comes in. A virtual car can change its colour as often as you like - or change the alloys, reconfigure the space in an MPV, upgrade to leather upholstery in cream - change that back to black - and start all over again with a different model.

The Car Showroom Kiosk is a complete virtual catalogue. The large screen size gives customers a great view of every model. Simple touch menus let them play with every option (for example, touch the paint palette to open, or the wheel icon to choose alloys). Even better, 3D virtual tours let customers explore your cars inside and out.

The catalogue is more than just a viewing aid. After 'designing' their car, customers can upload the details to their smartphones, together with your contact details, to mull over later. Even more importantly, details can be uploaded directly to your systems, ready to make a sale.

What does the Car Showroom Kiosk look like? Well, that's entirely up to you. Our catalogue software works with all our models. The Slimline kiosk has a small footprint and shiny chrome looks; the Touch Table is great for sitting around having unhurried yet productive viewings over coffee. Wall-mounted models are the most space-efficient choice.

The choice of finish is equally wide, with a range of standard colours available and the option of custom colour to match your corporate image. Each kiosk is designed to prominently display your branding.

By helping customers imagine their new cars, the Askme Digital Car Showroom Kiosk helps you make sales.

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